MDPPA’s ‘Helmets Save Lives’ reaches Northern Manila

(L-R) MDPPA Secretariat Florenia Real & Elvira Lavado, MDPPA Marketing Committee Vice-Chairman  Chona Paloyo, Tres Hermanas Motors Corp. Owner Nora Mendoza, MDPPA Board Member and Marketing Committee Chairman Espie Custodio, MDPPA Secretariat Charm Aloc, and MDPPA Secretary General Vice Layno flash  ‘Helmets Save Lives’ stickers outside Tres Hermanas Motor Corp.

‘Helmets Save Lives’ encourages motorcycle riders to put stickers on their motorcycles or helmets, to help spread the word on the importance of wearing proper riding gear.

“Committed towards road safety, MDPPA hopes to educate Filipino motorcyclists on how proper head gear can prevent road accidents. We hope our campaign will take Metro Manila by storm, and we are heading North, with the goal of spreading motorcycle safety awareness even in the most remote sidewalks and pavements across the region,” MDPPA Board Member and Marketing Committee Chairman Espie Custodio shares.

Motorists can support the campaign by uploading photos of ‘Helmets Save Lives’ stickers on their motorcycles or helmets and sharing their posts on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #MDPPARoadSafetyPH and #HelmetsSaveLives.

For more details on the ‘Helmets Save Lives’ advocacy and the upcoming stickering schedules, please visit or follow

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